Yıldırımlar Konut

We are a family raised with the Anatolian culture for generations, which makes no compromises on its basic values, honest and given promises while turning out face towards modernism and the west.

With our experience of 25 years, we put your confidence and happiness before anything, and take pride in changing people’s lives and completely fulfilling our promises in any kind of constructions we build from residences to stores, from offices to green fields.

Since our very first day in the industry, we have been striving to provide you a better service with our innovations and breakthroughs.

Yıldırımlar Konut is an affiliated company of Yıldırımlar Yapı
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Contact Us

Phone: +90 (212) 728 37 91
Gsm : +90 (544) 411 03 20
Gsm : +90 (542) 718 87 68
Sales Office: Piri Mehmet Paşa Mah. Burhan Soyaslan Sokak No: 22 Silivri / İstanbul